the dance department

General Information
Classes begin in September and commence with our annual performance in June. Please read all studio notices and emails throughout the year.

Proper Dance Attire
Proper dance attire is required for all students. Students must have the required shoes and attire by October.

Ballet slippers must be a real leather dance slipper with a suede sole and elastic strap. Please do not wear bedroom style slippers that some stores sell as "dance slippers". Hair must be off the face and neck. Ballet students must wear their hair in a bun. No gum or jewelry allowed in any class! Sheer dance skirts maybe allowed at the teacher's discretion.

A student may be moved to a different class if, after evaluation, the teacher finds that the student is not in the proper class for his/her ability level.

We are excited to announce there is new dance bundle price packages for the 2018-19 Dance Season! Click here for all the details.
Tuition for the year is payable in four installments. Please note that lessons are not refundable and make-up lessons are not given for student absence. Tuition payments are due September, November, February and April.  A $25 late fee will be applied to any payments received after the 15th of the month. There is a $30 fee for returned checks. All checks should be payable to The Dance Department. To ensure proper credit, please put the student's name on the check.

Tuition Discounts

Our annual recital is held in June. This provides students invaluable performance experience and a chance for students to showcase what they've learned throughout the year. All students participating in the recital are required to have a costume. The Dance Department and its' teachers are not responsible for costume alterations.

Make-up Lessons & Inclement Weather
Please make every effort to attend class. Please notify the studio in advance if you will be absent. Neither make-up lessons nor refunds are given for student absence. In the event of an extended absence, please discuss arrangements with your teacher. Make-up lessons are only scheduled in the event of two cancellations on the same lesson day, in which case one will be rescheduled. Due to limited studio availability, the make-up lesson will be scheduled on a weekend or during vacation week. To find out if classes will be cancelled during inclement weather please check your email or Facebook. No other notification will be given. Classes may be held even if school is cancelled!